Starting a business

Creating one’s own business remains a valuable solution for those who want to take advantage of their expatriation to invent or pursue an entrepreneur career. The context is generally favourable, even though slight differences may exist from one sector to the other (do not hesitate to rely on the multiple chambers of commerce’ services or on dualexpat network resources). Singapore's environment is particularly business friendly: simple creation procedures, low taxes, investments facilities.

Individuals can easily set up their own business under the sole proprietorship status. This company status is particularly suited for consulting activities which do not require much capital investment. The shortcomings are that companies registered under this status cannot recruit. If business is brisk, one can create a private limited company (PTE) or a partnership. Constraints are heavier (chartered accountant; One of the director-creators must be a Singapore resident: the company's future shouldn't be dependent of a visa). This kind of structure enables to limit financial risks, to recruit employees or find investors.

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