Singapore, city of the lion, is plebiscited by expatriates who feel easily at home while living in the heart of Asia. Living conditions are very comfortable, with a mix of western influences and of vivid traditions (Singapore ranks 1rst amongst Asian cities for its quality of life- ECA 2008). The City-State is a mosaic of cultures with Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western festivals all the year round, with a Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2008, and enjoying an increasingly bustling cultural life. Life is peaceful and secure. The frameworks are excellent, and professional opportunities attractive. Singapore moreover is a fabulous platform wherefrom multiplying travels across the region.

Geographical situation:

  • Area: 693 km2


  • Republic of Singapore
  • President: Dr Tony Tan
  • Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong - People's Action Party (PAP)
  • Capital: Singapore
  • National day: August 9th
  • Symbol: the Lion (force, courage and excellence)


  • Currency: Singapore dollar (S$ ou SGD)
  • PIB: 161.347 Millions $
  • PIB/hab: 48.900 $
  • Growth rate: 1,2% (2008); 7,7% (2007); 8,2% (2008)
  • Growth estimates 2009: -2 à -5%
  • Unemployment rate (2008):2,3%


  • Population (2009):4.657.542 inhabitants
  • Foreigners represent 30,9% of the active population.


  • 4 official languages in Singapore: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamoul. Malay is the national language. English is the business language. Mandarin is the mother tongue for a large proportion of Singaporeans with a chinese origine (3/4 of the population).


  • Buddhism, christianism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism

More information on the country:

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