HR solutions for start-ups.

Your company is a start-up whose activities are fast growing on an international basis. Human Resources represent a key challenge to support this development: finding key talents, sending collaborators overseas to open new offices, setting up policies and simple tools in the areas of compensation, performance appraisal, mobility,... adapting management practices in line with the development of the company.

We provide companies like yours with simple and evolutive solutions to manage your Human Resources. We help you implement the management basics that will meet your challenges. We provide support to your teams and take direct care of certain aspects that you prefer delegating to us.

  Remote management & telecommuting

In the near future, more and more people are expected to work on a remote basis. It can be a consequence of rapid growth, with the company hiring people in areas where they don't need to set up an office, it may result from personal choices or from specific contextual constraints (such as security, trafic difficulties,...). It can take various forms, from individuals working from home once a week, to be working full time on a remote basis. In all cases, management has to adapt in order to keep individuals motivated, active and fully efficient, to spur team collaboration and performance, while not being able to see one another face to face on a regular basis. Of course, technology helps, but remote collaboration & management, for all opportunities they offer, need to be carefully organized.

We support companies from the original idea all the way through the implementation and change management process, to optimize remote management framework and organization, train managers and set up a continous learning experience.

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