Accompanying mobilities & change

The way to a meaningful career is multiple. For each individual, opportunities and constraints, motivations and objectives are different. It is often a matter of choice, timing and perspectives.

Working with a coach is a choice. The choice to rely on the support of a trustful person to achieve your objectives. Taking the opportunity to step back in order to better adress a situation or fix a decision, providing yourself with the means to progress or to implement your projects.

Working with a coach

An opportunity to share, listen, multiply perspectives, determine xes of progress ... train and celebrate.

In which circumstances?

  • Going abroad ; succeed in your expatriation, a new job overseas. Manage the come back in home country.
  • Stepping down: fatigue? demotivation? wishing to do something else ? There are moments when whe need to make a breack with frantic daily activities to offer oneself some time to reflect and answer questions. 
  • Professional development: managing your team, remote team management, organization management, optimzed communication....
  • Professional change : finding a new job or becoming an entrepreneur.

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